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About Us

Our names are Erica & Rachel and we make up EricaLee Photography. Best friends for 17 years, sisters-in-law for 13. We get the ultimate pleasure of capturing natural and joyous wedding photos for the carefree couple in love and we wouldn't have it any other way. Together, us 'photogs-in-law' are more than just another vendor on your list.


With our warm personalities and natural camaraderie, we are like an extension of your group of girlfriends, there to provide the extra support you need to make you feel at ease. Please get in touch with us to know why we are the most personable photographers ever! 


Things We Love!

We love "The Office." Anything crime-related like the I.D. channel and A&E. We love reading. We are both married and each have one child. And to top it off - we all even live together! We are currently living that modern-day, "Full House." Just call me D.J. Tanner and her Stephanie! Reach out to find out why!

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