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A Letter to Judah

A LETTER TO JUDAH                                                                                                 MARCH 25, 2017

Judah Bug. As we approach your second birthday, I can’t help but just think back on these two years. As you and I both know (well maybe only me), that first year was a tough one. But I thank you so much for teaching me some things that I didn’t know about myself.

You are currently sitting on my lap with a book and watching cars. You have to be where we are and I lOVE it! In the same token, this means that we are surrounded by your toys all the time. The living room should might as well be your play room although you have a big room to play in.

And speaking of the living room, your favorite thing to do nowadays is run back and forth. Literally, you are always running!! Another thing you like to do is play fetch with the puppy. You know – we got you the puppy but as it turns out she would most rather be with daddy! Figures. Your relationship with her though has gotten so much better thankfully! Gone are the days where she thinks you are chew toy. Now if she could only learn that she’s a lot larger than you and that a simple jump will knock you down. Lol

Your diet has significantly gotten better from year one. Your favorite is still fruit but we’ve added more breakfast foods, pizza, baked ziti, rice and beans, and meatloaf to the favorite’s list. Your current favorite book is an animal book and a words book. I’m not too sure what your favorite toy is because you play with a variety of things but if I have to guess it would be matchbox cars. You are still obsessed with bath time which I’m grateful about.

“Sesame Street” has moved up above “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” when it comes to your list of favorite tv shows. You also live the “Mickey Mouse Roadster Racers,” “Curious George,” and “Ready, Jet, Go!”

As far as words go, you have finally begun to say a couple within these past few weeks. I pray that the words keep coming along!

I think the thing you love most of all is music! It’s the thing that calms you down and makes you happy. I hope this means you’ll be a musician of some sort.

You have just been a blessing to my life and I can’t believe that you will be two a month from today. The time does go fast so slow down!

Love, Mami xoxo

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