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Brothers {Orange County, NY Children’s Photography}

Whenever I see these boys, I feel like they just walked out of a Gap magazine! 😉

They are handsome and very adorable. This past Sunday, my pastors wife asked if I could take a few photos of her boys and nephew so that she could give some updated photos to her grandmother. Luckily, I had my camera. As for a location–I happen to think that the brick beside the plaza where my church is looks pretty cool.

This was literally this quickest photo shoot that I’ve ever had. 3 minutes tops with each boy since it was right after church and everyone is normally ready for lunch by then. I love these boys. They all have such a big heart.

Big Brother


Little Brothers



And Lastly, The Fun Cousin


I still have to photograph their daughter. She will be a natural in front of the camera!

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