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“Confessions of a Future Bride” | Post 1

Hey Friends! Long time no see. I’ve been away working, taking care of a newborn and photographing weddings! I’m still here though and am so excited to kick off a series on my blog that I truly love. My sister-in-law is getting married!!!!!! As some of you may or may not know, Rachel is my second shooter, assistant and bff. You can find her with me on consultations and wedding days. I’ve know her since she was in the 8th grade! I’ve witnessed some pretty cool things in her life and this event will the pinnacle. I thought it would be best, as a photographer, to document every step of the process of planning a wedding. Rachel will be signing on and writing her first hand experiences from “saying yes to the dress,” to picking out a venue and seeing what photographer she will get to photograph her big day! (I won’t be able to since I’m in the bridal party!)

But as with all stories, there’s always a beginning. Let’s take a look at how her and her fiancé, Arthur, met.

“It was a typical Sunday Dinner at my grandma’s house when my cousin had asked a few of us to go play man hunt with some of his friends. Little did I know, but I was on my way to meet my future fiancé. My sister and I arrived at the house and promptly gave nick names to all of the boys who we couldn’t make out faces to in the dark. Hawaiian Shorts Guy is who I later came to know as Arthur. After some chasing on my end… In the beginning, we would only talk on AIM {AOL Instant Messenger— Old School — Screen names were Luv1nNelly and Arty4Farty hahaha}…Arthur finally asked me to be his girlfriend on October 19, 2006 while watching a Mets game.

If you ask my high school friends, I’m sure they would recall me telling them that Arthur was going to be my husband one day…”

How We Met-1

How We Met-2

How We Met-3

How We Met-4

~The Future Mrs. Bongiorno

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