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“Confessions Of A Future Bride” | Post 11

On to the next bridesmaids…

This week is an introduction to another bridesmaid… My cousin, my BFF growing up, my built in playmate.. Amy.


Amy and I grew up together {We are just three months apart}… We were a foursome growing up… Me and my brother- David and Amy and her brother- Paul. We were always together and always finding some way to get into trouble. We spent hours upon hours in Amy and Paul’s basement playing hide and go seek in the dark, laser-tag, and any other games we made up along the way. Any game we played, it was always us girls against the boys. With the boys being four years older than us, of course it was never a fair fight… But I think Amy would agree with me that the boys helped us to be the strong, athletic, tom-boys that we turned in to during our early tween years.


Amy and I had sleep over after sleep over… Sometimes going on for weeks on end over the summers. When we played house, I was the mom. When we played school, I was the teacher. I was always the bossy one, always the take charge one… But let someone else try to boss Amy around or be mean to Amy, and they would have to deal with me 🙂


Now, Amy and I work together. That means that we get to see each other EVERY DAY! We get to drink our morning coffee together and have our lunch together. We are a pair, a tag team… You don’t see one without the other. And after seeing each other for eight hours a day, we still chose to spend time together outside of work.


Amy, you were my first best friend… More like a sister than a cousin. We have been there for each other through thick and thin. You were there when Art and I got engaged and I can’t wait for you to stand beside me when I get married. Love you more than you can imagine!


~The Future Mrs. Bongiorno

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