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“Confessions Of A Future Bride” | Post 13

Hey Friends!!! Happy Wednesday!! It’s been awesome getting to know Rachel’s bridal party, hasn’t it? I feel like when choosing the people in your bridal party, it has to be with people that you have a history with! When Rachel and I photograph the wedding, we love asking our couples how they met the people in their bridal party. It’s always fun to hear the background story.

Let’s take a look at another one of Rachel’s bridesmaids:

“Samantha and I met in college.. We were long lost sisters from opposite sides of the river. We quickly realized how similar our interests and lives in general were.

Sam and I both began Mount Saint Mary College in the Fall of 2007. We were both majoring in Math going for Elementary Education. We also shared the same advisor.

Sam 1

We met in GenEd.. I’m sure no one here knows what GenEd is.. It was a {really unnecessary} class that Mount Saint Mary’s had attempted with our year being the guinea pigs {I am pretty sure it failed the following year}. BUT.. I have to thank GenEd for introducing me to My Samantha 🙂  

Sam 3

Sam and I slowly became inseparable. We decided that we should take all of the classes together that we could.. And that is exactly what we did.. We would even visit our advisor together 🙂 We were able to schedule almost every single class together every semester. Our teachers knew us as a pair. There was no Samantha without Rachel and no Rachel without Samantha. Always sitting next to each other, always side by side. Always whispering to/giggling with each other and in turn ending up volunteering ourselves for whatever task was at hand by doing so.

Sam 4

I could not have survived college without Sam.. I could not survive today without Sam.

Sam 2

Sam, I miss seeing you every day like we did in college, but I am so glad that we have been able to stay so close still to this day.. Four years after college has ended. You have seen mine and Arthur’s relationship grow from one year into nine years later and now you will stand beside me on my wedding day. I cannot wait to continue to share milestones with each other.. Samantha and Rachel, Rachel and Samantha.”

~ The Future Mrs. Bongiorno

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