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“Confessions of a Future Bride” | Post 3

Happy Wednesday!!! You know what that means…time for another look into a future bride’s wedding planning process. Have you been following along?!

Fall in love.Check.

Get Engaged.Check.

What’s next? If you guessed “dress shopping,” then you are right!

Say Yes to the Dress.Check.

Buying THE DRESS is probably one of the most exciting moments of the whole wedding planning process. Don’t you agree? It’s the one thing that I think every girl wants to experience with her close friends and family. Who wouldn’t want to try on big dresses and get ‘oooohhhed’ and ‘ahhhhhed’ at? I was so excited when Rachel called me to tell me that she scheduled an appointment at Davids Bridal.


I had a whirlwind couple of weeks after the proposal…. Upon getting back into town, I knew the first thing I wanted to tackle was “the” dress. 

Of course like all girls I had always dreamt of the dress… If you check out my Pinterest board, you’ll see the many pins over the years. So here’s what I knew I wanted: something form fitting, something lace, possibly an open back, a birdcage veil. And that is exactly what I went into David’s Bridal saying.

[I chose David’s Bridal for two reasons… The first being I feel like you can go into David’s Bridal with a lower budget and be able to get something much nicer than you would be able to with the same amount of money at a smaller boutique. The second is a little far fetched, but I was recently in a friend’s wedding who used a small boutique and we had major issues with our bridesmaid dresses {She had none with her bridal gown, thank goodness!}. I just really wasn’t willing to take that chance after the last experience 🙂  ]

Ok so back to my appointment at David’s Bridal. I was accompanied by my bridesmaids, my mom and my that was a total of eight women, plus myself. Lots of different opinions there! 

My attendant at David’s Bridal was amazing! I honestly didn’t give her much to go on and even those things weren’t set in stone, so I kind of left her up to her own devices…But let me tell you, she hit the nail on the head from the very first dress {this one ended up being the runner up!}.



The Infamous “Runner Up”

I ended up trying on probably about ten dresses… And I fell in love with two 🙂 I tried the two of them on back to back about three times.





I ended up with a dress that I absolutely love {As I was writing this I had to go back and look at the pictures of it!}. I said “Yes to the Dress!” I rang the little bell that David’s Bridal has you ring 🙂 I stuck to some of my must haves, but not to all.. You’ll have to wait until the wedding to see it!

~ The Future Mrs. Bongiorno

We want to know what your must haves are for your wedding dress? Did you want lace like Rachel or more of a ball gown? Where did you buy yours at? Did anybody go to Kleinfelds in NYC?!!!! Tell us below or on our Facebook page. I’m sure other future brides can use suggestions!!!

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