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“Confessions Of A Future Bride” | Post 33

“(Come on) If you a fly gal get your nails done. Get a pedicure,get your hair did…” ~ Missy Elliott



“I had checked in a few weeks back with some hair styles that I was tinkering with for the wedding day.. They were both pretty similar 🙂 Buttttt we are following up because I had my hair and makeup trial!

Lucky for me.. My cousin/bridesmaid, Amy, used the same hair and makeup artists for her wedding.. So I knew before even going into the trial that it was going to be great! These two awesome girls, Maryssa from Hair by Maryssa Babicz (IM NOT SURE IF THIS IS ABLE TO BE TAGGED? SHE HAS A FACEBOOK PAGE BY THIS NAME) and her good friend Melissa for makeup, lived up to my expectations.. Plus a million times more!

I had my back to the mirror and wasn’t able to see myself until the product was completely finished.. And I was floored when my chair turned around.. Floored.. I think my exact words were, “Is that even me?!” 🙂 I have never been so dolled up in my life! 

Maryssa and Melissa were so professional and amazing in their work! I would highly, highly, highly recommend them to anyone.. After sending the pictures from my trial to my bridesmaids, I think a few of them were swayed who were unsure if they were going to get their makeup done 🙂

I obviously can’t give away the entire look 😉 So here are a few sneak peeks into my hair and makeup…”


~The Future Mrs. Bongiorno

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