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“Confessions Of A Future Bride” | Post 36

Let’s just call today’s post #weddingTHURSDAY just for today! I feel like this whole month is extremely busy with Rachel trying to tie any loose ends for the wedding as well as being in the middle of a very busy wedding season. This weekend is Rachel’s Bachelorette Party Weekend! Woohoo!!!!! You won’t want to miss those pictures! Make sure you follow us on Facebook or Instagram to see photos from this weekend!!!

If you are new to the blog and are just following along, here’s what you missed:

Rachel, my business partner/assistant/second shooter, recently got engaged and with us being photographers, thought it would be cool document her whole wedding planning process. Not only to keep these memories but to maybe help out one of our readers who may be a future bride as well as get suggestions from you guys. Here are the past posts that you’ve missed.

  1. Post 1 ~ We got a glimpse of how Rachel and her fiancé, Arthur met! It’s an adorable story including some very young pictures of them.

  2. Post 2 ~ We got to hear the story of how Arthur proposed in Bermuda! Check out that post to see her ring! It’s beautiful!

  3. Post 3 ~ Rachel said YES TO THE DRESS!! Check it out to see her experience at David’s Bridal!

  4. Venues! Venues! Venues! Post 4 | Post 5 | Post 6 | are her weeks in search for the perfect venue! And in Post 7 you get to hear the place that she chose!!!

  5. Post 8 ~ We are back at Davids Bridal picking out the Bridesmaids Dresses as well as seeing who she chose to stand up there with her on the big day!!

  6. Post 9 (maid of honor & big sis), Post 10 (little sis), Post 11 (cousin), Post 12 (sister-in-law), Post 13 (best friend), and Post 14 (MEE) ~This is where Rachel introduces her bridesmaids and tells us the background stories of how she knows them. There are some pretty funny moments and awesome pictures!

  7. Post 15 ~ Engagement Pictures!!!! Here, we get to see Rachel’s engagement session. I also give some tips on how to make the most of your engagement session.

  8. Post 16 ~ All about the “Save The Dates.”

  9. Post 17 ~ All about the DJ and some songs you don’t want to miss being played at the wedding!

  10. Post 18 ~ Bridal Registry! This is a fun post because I filmed it rather than photographing it!! Check it out!!

  11. Post 19 ~ Speed Round Questions with the Fiance’ himself!!!

  12. Post 20 ~ Special Valentines Day Post!

  13. Post 21 ~ To Peek or Not To Peek…That is the question!!! Will Rachel be doing a first look?

  14. Post 22 ~ Flowers, Flowers, Flowers!!! Time to talk about the Bouquet.

  15. Post 23 ~ This post is all about the Wedding Cake! mmmmmmmmmm

  16. Post 24 ~ Checklist of what has been done so far and what’s left to do!

  17. Post 25 ~ Tuxes Tuxes Tuxes!!! Arthur get’s his Tuxes! Rachel came up with a beautiful look for the guys!

  18. Post 26 ~ A Wedding DIY!!

  19. Post 27 ~ Rachel’s Hairstyle Ideas | Part I

  20. Post 28 ~ A post all about the rules or traditions that Rachel is either keeping or doing away with!

  21. Post 29 ~ The post that everyone has been waiting for!!! RACHEL’S WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER!!! WOOHOO!!!

  22. Post 30 ~ She booked her honeymoon! Check out where Art & Rachel are going!!!

  23. Post 31 ~ Wedding Bands! Soo pretty!!!

  24. Post 32 ~ Invitations

  25. Post 33 ~ Rachel’s Hairstyle Ideas | Part II

  26. Post 34 ~ Another Wedding DIY – Table Numbers

  27. Post 35 ~ Rachel’s Bridal Shower

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Which brings us to today’s post – ANOTHER DIY!!

“As I had said two weeks ago when writing about the table numbers.. I had planned to go to Michael’s to buy table numbers and a card box. So off to pick up Rebekah I went {I drag her along with everything 🙂 } We decided to go to Middletown so we would have the choice of Michael’s or AC Moore. {I honestly don’t remember if I had written any of this when talking about the table numbers, so I am sorry if I am repeating myself 🙂 } 

I went into both stores to check out the available card boxes.. The only box from both stores that I liked was $40.. And I don’t know if I have mentioned this before or not, but I am super cheap.. Like super cheap 🙂 I wasn’t in love with the box so I could not justify to myself spending $40 on it.

We happened to be walking through AC Moore and happened upon some decorative bird cages that were on sale.. On a side note, Rebekah has an obsession with birdcages.. But I was able to get a large bird cage for $12!! Much better than $40 🙂

So at a later date, Rebekah and I sat down to turn the bird cage into  a card box. We were not really too sure where we were going so we Pinterested {of course} some ideas. We had a bunch of leftover supplies from my bridal shower and such.. Twine, ribbon, flowers, burlap.. We tried a few different things before deciding on using some leftover burlap {from the table runners}, some flowers {from the centerpieces at my shower}, and paper {that will be used for my place cards} to complete the look. We did have to use a few different sheets of paper because I made Rebekah write the work “Cards” a million times before I decided I liked it 🙂


Since everything else was repurposed from another date.. It really only cost $12!! AMAZING 🙂


Okay people.. We are in the final stretch! Two weeks from Friday! Ah! Scary! I have so many meetings I have to schedule with a million different people! Also, Arthur and I will be picking up our marriage license today!! :)”

~The Future Mrs. Bongiorno

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