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“Confessions of a Future Bride” | Post 6

Venue #3

Let’s recap… Art and I have liked both of the venues we had visited so far, they were each different in their own ways. There were things we enjoyed about each and also things we weren’t so fond of {Well maybe there were just things I wasn’t too fond of.. Arthur is so easy going about everything}.

So on to venue number three! Erica helped me to find this one; I had never heard of it.. Arrow Park Lake & Lodge in Monroe New York. Honestly, just from pulling up the driveway I could tell this one was more expensive then the past two 🙂 The driveway is lined with tall trees on both sides all the way down the long path… Absolutely beautiful. The ceremony space is outside in a gorgeous garden area. The cocktail hour is held in the mansion on site. The reception {depending on size} can be held in the mansion or the pavilion; both look phenomenal. 

Did I mention the views?! Oh My Goodness…. So, so, so pretty. Large windows in the cocktail hour show out to the river below the mansion. Love.

Arrow Park

The mansion also has twelve rooms that can be rented out by the night or the weekend. The rooms are updated and decorated elegantly. 

However, there were two things I did not like.. One- The walk from the mansion to the pavilion was longer than I think most guests would like to walk {Maybe this was just because we looked at it in the rain 🙂  } Two- The price, of course 🙂 Just a bit out of my price range.

Maybe if I win the lotto before June…. 

I promise I will not keep this venue thing going forever :)… Check back next week to see where we choose!!

~The Future Mrs. Bongiorno

Thank you so much for following along! Rachel and I really appreciate it!! xoxo

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