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“Confessions Of A Future Bride” | Post 7

Hello Peeps!!

{If this is your first time reading this series, here is brief synopsis of what’s been going on. My assistant Rachel recently got engaged and I thought it would be great to document every moment of her wedding planning process. We are in the business of weddings and I thought it would be great to lend a helping to hand to other future brides as well as Rachel getting suggestions from you! This is week 7 of her posts so I recommend reading her past posts to catch up!}

Thanks for following these past few posts about venues.

Now for the moment of truth!! Where will Rachel have her wedding at???

We have checked out three venues and are pretty pressed on time.. We need to book a venue ASAP!…. A little secret.… I had an ace up my sleeve the entire time 🙂 Erica and I work with this awesome venue pretty often.… So I took Arthur to check out Lippincott Manor.

Lippincott Manor

I love the open feel of Lippincott Manor. The ceremony is held outdoors under a big willow tree and has fields on all sides. The reception is held in a tent that is open on almost all sides to show the beautiful surroundings. The grounds of Lippincott Manor are perfect for photos {Which of course is a big concern of mine 🙂 } The owners, Tricia and Marty, take a lot of pride in their work. Tricia works with the brides and the other vendors to create your dream table settings {I have yet to see a table setting that I did not love} Marty works super hard on up keeping the grounds and adding to the landscaping with flowers scattered around. The Wallkill River can be seen in the distance as well. AND!! The sun sets over the fields to offer phenomenal sunset photos!

Lippincott Manor offers some awesome add ons to their weddings as well. The two that I love the most are the options for the bonfire and the sky lanterns! 

Another plus about Lippincott Manor, they offer an all inclusive package with sensational vendors {Photographers- Including EricaLee Photography!!, DJs, & Florists}. This helps to make the process of wedding planning a bit easier when everything is all in one place for you 🙂

So, Arthur and I went home to discuss after checking out the venue. I remember Art commenting on how different Lippincott Manor was than any of the other venues we had checked out. The venue gives a relaxed feel while still looking elegant. I think what really sold Art was the bonfire…. Since he doesn’t ask for much, I think he can get the bonfire he is requesting 🙂

YAY! We have picked our venue and set our date!!! How exciting!!! After nine years of dating…. NINE YEARS!!! I will finally become Mrs. Bongiorno! Now that a date is set it feels real 🙂

~The Future Mrs. Bongiorno

Come back next week to see our experience going shopping for the bridesmaids dresses!

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