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“Confessions Of A Future Bride” | Post 8

“I guess before we talk about the bridesmaid dresses you’ll need to know my colors… As I’m sure you have gathered, I had been planning my wedding long before I was engaged 🙂 I had always planned on having grey and yellow.. Pinterest it.. It looks really nice 🙂 But my colors slowly changed to navy and yellow {with some grey}.. Pinterest it.. it looks even better than grey and yellow 🙂

I had always wanted long, flowing.. flowable {really weird word, but I guess flow-y isn’t a word?? 🙂 } grey dresses. I then changed to navy dresses instead of grey, but still long and flowing. As I was checking the David’s Bridal website, I saw that the dress I had always imagined wasn’t quite as I imagined it.. Plus I noticed that long dresses are a bit on the expensive side.


Once we arrived at our appointment at David’s Bridal, I threw my girls for a loop and told them that I wasn’t opposed to the idea of them each wearing different dresses {A few jaws hit the floor 🙂  } I just wanted long and navy. 

My visit at David’s Bridal for my dress was fantastic.. The store was pretty empty and we were attended to as one would expect. I was not as happy with the visit for the bridesmaid dresses.. I had scheduled an appointment and communicated that I have six bridesmaids. When we arrived, we were given four dressing rooms.. That was aggravating.. But never the less, my girls found there own dresses, individual to them. All long, all navy, some chiffon, some lace and some lace and chiffon. I love them all and can’t wait to see them all in navy.. They look a little crazy in all of the different sample colors 🙂


Check back next week for an introduction to my bridesmaids!”

~The Future Mrs. Bongiorno

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