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“Confessions Of A Future Bride” | Post 9

Happy Hump Day!!! Time of another #weddingwednesdays post! You are going to love these next few posts as we get to know more about Rachel’s bridal party.

My Maid of Honor

“The next few weeks will be dedicated to my girls.. I will do a little introduction to each of my bridesmaids who I am so honored to have in my bridal party 🙂

First up, my Maid of Honor and big sister, Karen. How could I chose anyone but her.. 


Karen is the best big sister I could ever ask for. We shared a room for a good chunk of my life.. From the time I was eleven, Karen and I shared bedroom {And for a short time, shared a bed lol. We chose to.. Haha and wanted to share one for much longer.. We wanted to get a king bed to share instead of both having twin beds.. Mom wouldn’t let us though.. Thanks a lot Mom.. 🙂  } 


Goodness we had so much fun sharing a room.. Booby trapping it, just in case a burglar came in to get us haha. Karen sleeping with a knife under her pillow.. Until Mom found out and made her put it back in the kitchen 🙂 Watching Cops and Crocodile Hunter all hours of the night..


Karen is always the one at any family party with the most inappropriate jokes {there are plenty of inappropriate jokes going around, but Karen has to take it to the next level 🙂  } Karen is always there to bring a party to the next level.


When the time came that Arthur finally proposed, I knew I had to have my big sister Karen standing right by my side.

Karen, I can’t imagine my life without you as my sister {And my wedding without you as my Maid of Honor} .. And how damn boring it would be 🙂 

Karen, I love you so, so much!”


~The Future Mrs. Bongiorno

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