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Couples Session Giveaway | Hudson Valley, NY Photography

It all started with a school bus and “Destiny’s Child”. I was a sophomore in high school and he was a junior. It was a few weeks before Valentines Day, school had ended and I was walking to my bus to go home. I sat down and heard my favorite song at the time, “No No No.” Hahaha As I sit here writing this, I can’t help but laugh at myself. I was too shy to yell to the bus driver to raise the volume of the radio so I turned around and hit the first person I saw. So much for being shy, right. I hit him on the leg and said, “Tell the bus driver to raise up this song!” He stared at me probably thinking who is this girl and why did she just hit me. He obliged and there I sat singing to myself the song. I also said to him, “Now if they start playing “Fabolous”–I don’t care, I’m getting up and dancing!” WOW!!! I WAS A DORK.


Now what I didn’t know was that he had seen me get on the bus everyday from the first day of school. From my memory, I never knew he had existed nor rode the same bus as me. He says it was love at first meet. I can’t say the same on my end.  He was very persistent, and that was what won me over to be his girlfriend the following year; we’ve been together ever since.

I told my story now it’s time to tell yours! I’m doing a couples giveaway. Tell the story of how you and your significant other met. The best “How We Met” story will win a FREE couples session with me! You will have about a month (until March 13th) to enter. Kindly email me a photo of the two of you and your story to

Engaged? Not engaged? Married? Looking for an updated photo of you and your love? This is the contest for you so get to writing!



  1. You must be a fan/”LIKE” my Facebook page.

  2. Winner will receive a 30 min session and a DVD of 20 High Res Images

  3. For my NYC, NJ and PA fans, if you win, you’ll have to travel to me. {I’m really not that far from y’all.}

  4. I will post the top three stories on my Facebook page and ask the viewers to vote for their favorite, which will be the winner.

I cannot wait to hear your stories! Hope you have a Happy Valentines Day tomorrow!!!!


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