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#FreitasGetaway {Part 1}

As I sit here and write this, all that comes to mind is the fact that I need to figure out how to juggle it all. When I decided to start my business, I didn’t foresee how busy I’d actually be. Don’t get me wrong–I’m very happy that I’m busy but now I just need to create a better schedule then what I have at the moment. What makes things tricky is my day job at the firm. I’m not getting home from work til 6:00pm. Once I get home, I edit edit edit which leaves no room for sitting down and writing a nice blog post, home cooked meals and straightening up around the house much {I’m so thankful for my husband who’s been helping me out this busy season}. I’m trying a new schedule of sorts and I’m seeing if it works out.

So! My husband and I recently got away for a long weekend. We visited a couple of really close friends of ours who recently got married and bought a house in New Hampshire. A beautiful house, I might add, on approx. 30 acres of land with a pool and pond/lake. We arrived Wednesday late at night to an empty house. We weren’t quite sure where we would be sleeping, in fact we weren’t sure where anything was in the house. But we should have known that Becca was prepared with a map of the house taped to the front and post-it notes labeling everything. I love her for that.



We went to bed that night looking forward to what the next few days would bring. When I woke up, we got a better look at the house since we arrived so late at night. One of the best features that Tim and Becca have at their house are their windows. I love how much natural light is able to come into the house. A photographers dream!



Immediately we began to explore the property. I was so thankful for the beautiful weather that we had.










I made David breakfast that morning. It felt amazing cooking in a large kitchen.


Seeing as how busy our life is, it was nice to sit around their house and do absolutely NOTHING. Just the two of us relaxing, reading and recuperating. {You’re probably wondering where the owners of the house were. Well they worked so we had the house to ourselves!} We only left the house for dinner that night at this cute restaurant in town.




That sign above made me chuckle.


The next day we hung out with Timmy, went fishing and shooting. I’ve never been fishing so it was shocking to have caught four fish which I released back into the pond. Timmy has an amazing gun collection so it’s always a treat to look at all of them. We were able to shoot four different types of guns. My favorite was the sniper rifle. {On a side note: whenever I hear the word sniper rifle, an episode from the “The Office” comes to mind. I think it was in season 3 or 4 where Jim worked in the Stamford office and we are introduced to the character Andy. Well in the one episode the whole office is playing Call of Duty and Jim has no idea what he’s doing. Andy screams at Jim, “TUUNNAA! SNIPER RIFLE????? I’m gonna kill you for real this is not the game anymore.” Hahahaha if you don’t recall this episode, google it. It’s hilarious.}







I can’t forget about their dog.



And the one of many snakes we found.


We had a blast spending time on their property. Stayed tuned for part two where you’ll see our adventure in the big city.


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