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“Something magical happens when we define and write down our goals. We somehow begin to live out our plans.”–Dave Ramsey

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My sister in law got me this journal for Christmas and it brought a tear to my eyes. First off, I absolutely love this quote and secondly her message inside hit home. She said “…and know that you deserve it all…” which really meant a lot to me since I’ve struggled in the past with confidence and fear of failure. But I should have the attitude of –I am worthy of succeeding at something–that I am capable of doing anything (through Christ who strengthens me, of course).

So I am taking her advice along with the Dave Ramsey and “WRITING IT DOWN.” These are some of my goals for the next 5 years. Although I am afraid of falling short, this is sort of the first step in facing my fears.

  1. I would like to have a baby

  2. I’d love to shoot at least 3 weddings this year

  3. Catch the perfect “I Do” kiss

  4. Be an amazing Youth Group Leader

  5. Continue to pray and intercede for my husband

  6. Have my own booth and work at a wedding show

  7. Have a professional website designer design a blog/website for me

  8. Shoot a destination wedding

  9. Be featured in wedding blogs/magazines

  10. Shoot wonderful family/children sessions

That seems like a fairly good place to end! I am looking forward to seeing what God has in store for me!

{Have you checked out the facelift this blog has had? This wasn’t the same layout from when I started. I now have “scrolling images” haha I think that’s what you call it on the HOME PAGE. The blog is still under a little construction but I like it so far}

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