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“Hello Fresh!” | Confessions Of A Newlywed

We continue our current blog series entitled, “Confessions Of A Newlywed,” where we follow my assistant’s first year of marriage. It’s a continuation our popular blog series, “Confessions Of A Future Bride!” 🙂

“So this post is a little different than past posts.. I decided to try Hello Fresh. It is one of those companies that sends you everything you need to cook a meal. Honestly, these companies are typically just too expensive for me, but I got a coupon in my email.. And I’m a sucker for coupons 🙂

So I signed up and got my 50% off. Which brought it down to $30 for three dinners.. Which I think is pretty good and made it worth a shot! You get to pick which day of the week you would like it to be delivered and pick the three meals (out of about 6 or 7 choices). 

I chose Lemongrass Pork Burgers, Rustic Beef Ragu and Roasted Pork Tenderloin. It was at my house when I came home from work on Tuesday (actually it was at my neighbors house -_- ) It was packaged with a huge ice pack to keep everything cold, which it did. And I was surprised to see it came packaged by meal.. I guess I was expecting to have to sort things outs, but they really make it easy for you! 

First, let’s go over some of my doubts going into it.. I was expecting the meals to take a while to cook. I was expecting it to be difficult to cook. And I was expecting to not have a lot of food.

I was wrong with each of those expectations 🙂 The meals were very easy to make. Each meal came with a recipe card making it super straightforward. Each of the meals was relatively fast; however, I did find that it took longer than the recipe cards said (not much though). And after each meal I was full.. Art said he wasn’t full, but also wasn’t left hungry 🙂 The only downfall is that I typically like to make meals that provide left overs for lunches the following day and with Hello Fresh that is not possible..  Also, Art wasn’t a fan of some of the ingredients.. Like the couscous.

But overall, I really loved the experience! Hello Fresh made me cook meals that I never would have thought to try before. All of the ingredients were super fresh and made the meals taste super fresh! I would most definitely recommend Hello Fresh to everyone, especially couples because it is more affordable than I feel for families and it provides something fun and different to cook!

If you are interested, click the link for a great deal on your first box!!​”

~Mrs. Bongiorno

I am soo glad Rachel tried this out! I was always curious about how these home delivery cooking meals worked and I’m glad that she had a good experience! I will totally be trying it by clicking that link above! Let us know if you are going to try it – we’d love to hear your experiences with it as well!!!!


On another note – who’s finished with the book of month?! If you are new to the blog, it’s not too late to join our virtual book club. Here is more information and the first book that we’ve gone through. I am soooo excited to talk about it on April 15th when we go Facebook Live!

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