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One | A Letter To My Boy

Dear Judah Aaron,

I cannot believe it has been one year with you in our lives! You have totally rocked our worlds for the better! I don’t think anyone could prepare us enough for your arrival even though I tried my hardest to be prepared. In fact, that is the first thing you have taught me in my first job of motherhood – you cannot prepare for everything. I’m still working on not controlling everything but since you came into this world, I think I’ve gotten better. You came into this world with a joy of taking on this world – literally. That was the whole reason for my c-section. You were a face presentation looking up and forward. No I didn’t plan for the c-section but like I said, you came into this world to teach me that I cannot plan for everything. 


Our first few weeks home were brutal! Hahaha Between the endless crying spouts and figuring out that you had acid reflux, I was really afraid that this new life with you would just be in tears (both you and I). lol But God is so good! Once figuring out what this issue was, you were able to heal and show us that joyous spirit that you have!


I absolutely love your smile and your laugh (and your fake laugh)! It’s just contagious and your whole face lights up. The things that made you smile this past year are music and animals. Your love of music started really early when that was the only thing that would calm you at times. And as far as the animals goes, you loved your play mat with all of the animals on it. If I had to guess which animal was your favorite, I’d have to say it was a monkey. You love your animal sounds book and once the monkey says his “ooo–ooo–ahh—ahh” you beam!


You love pancakes, eggs, rice, broccoli, baked potato but most of all these days you love chicken.

Your favorite tv shows are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Sesame Street. Your favorite character on the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is Donald Duck, suprisingly. I wonder what that says about your personality. Haha He’s really silly and so are you!


You’re not really attached to many soothing things but you do take a pacifier and you do love to cuddle with a blanky but you don’t NEED them. Which leads me to your sleep habits this past year – you haven’t been a big sleeper until recent weeks. In fact, these past two weeks have been the longest you’ve slept throughout the night. But for the past year you averaged getting up once (sometimes twice) in the middle of the night. I didn’t think it were possible for you to sleep through the night but like I said, these past two weeks I see a change! IT ONLY TOOK A YEAR! JEEZ! LOL JKJK You are a light sleeper and don’t nap for too long. An hour nap with you is phenomenal.


You don’t really say much other than “haaaa = hi” or “dadadadada.” But you do babble a lot.

You truly are a blessing to our lives. I know it sounds cliche and all but I can’t really remember life without you. We love you so much my little bug!



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