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Ramny + Dayami {Wedding} | New York City & Hudson Valley, NY Wedding Photographer

Here are some of the highlights from Ramny and Dayami’s big day! I love this couple. They remind me so much of my husband and I when we got married back in ’06. I’m wishing them many years of happiness and blessings.

I absolutely love this next picture. It’s of the bride’s shoes up against a photo of her mothers wedding picture.

The lovely parents of the groom.

One thing that I’ve never seen at a wedding is the bride and groom washing each others feet. It symbolizes the moment when Jesus washed His disciples’ feet, to show them that He wanted to serve them, that He considered them greater than Himself, and washing feet during that day was a sign of being humble and thoughtful. By washing one another’s’ feet, it is showing to each other, and to their loved ones, that they are vowing to serve each other humbly.

I love this moment that with the groom and his mother.

Such a beautiful bride!

Such great details at this wedding!

Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek into this wedding!!!

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