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Recently Read: 3 Titles


I know, I know….it’s been awhile since I last wrote something that had anything of any meat. But I’m back and ready as ever to get this blog rolling for the new year. New goals and challenges have been made and I’m ready to make this a place where you can see my work as well as a platform to get to know me on personal level! I want my clients to know me for me and not ONLY from an about me section on my website. What my likes and dislikes are, what I find funny or goofy; it’s all a part building a relationship.

My good friend Margaret ignited my love of reading recently and I’m so glad that she did. She came into work a couple months ago and was talking about a book that she had just finished reading. I happened to pass by the book at Target and picked it up.

“Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn – I bought “Gone Girl” and immediately started reading it. It has everything I love in literature. Murder, crime and a little romance. Without giving too much away, a guy wakes up on his 5 year wedding anniversary, leaves the house for a moment and comes back to his wife missing and all signs pointing to him as the main suspect. With all of the surprises and twists, you won’t be able to put this book down. This is one of my all time favorite books thus far. Please get this book!!! You will love it! Rate 5/5

“The Husband’s Secret” by Liane Moriarty – After reading the book above, Margaret also recommended to me “The Husband’s Secret.” (I love that her and I have started an unofficial book club.) Set in Australia, we are introduced to different characters in the beginning. It’s a little confusing at first because you want to remember each person and what is going on in their life but it all makes sense the more you read. It’s kind of like the same idea in the movie “Crash.” Have you seen it? The basis of the story is that a wife finds a letter that she is supposed to open up in the event of her husbands death. If you found a letter that you were supposed to read AFTER your spouse dies, would you wait until that happens?? I wouldn’t. Frankly, I would read it in front of my husband. Hahaha Any who, she reads it and the details in the letter are life changing. This book goes down as the “Greatest Ending To A Book.” I absolutely loved the Epilogue. Rate 4/5

“Orange is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison” by Piper Kerman – After reading the two books listed above, I came across this book through the suggested reading list that amazon offers. I thought to myself, “that’s something that I’m curious about.” I know that this memoir is a television show but since I don’t have that channel, I decided to read her accounts first hand. My main issue with this book was the fact that I kind of felt like it was all over the place. It wasn’t very cohesive but I guess that comes with writing a memoir. They are just memories. It was an ok book for me. I definitely loved the comradery  and family relationship that was described between the women she met in jail and wish we knew what happened after her release. Did she keep in touch? Did any others get out? Rate 3/5

Currently, I’m looking for a new book to read. Do you have any suggestions????

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