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Snow Day!!!

Not really…but I was able to go home early today, so it was sort of a snow day. As you all know, by day my trade is an Administrative Assistant for an Accounting Firm. The thing that’s great about my job is that I do something fairly different everyday that I go in. I have so many different responsibilities. Some days are stressful but by the grace of God, I make it through. I started this job towards the end of tax season last year so this year I’m sort of nervous as to what tax season will have to bring. When co-workers talk about it, it has a dreadful sound to it . “Tax Season” DUH–DUH–DUHHHH!!!! While others may rejoice for their refund checks, the Accountants cringe at the thought of being extremely busy and having to go in to the office on Saturdays.

Nemo’s finally here! As in, the huge Northeastern Blizzard. We are expecting 1-2ft. of snow. I really don’t like the snow. It’s pretty to look at but very dangerous to drive in. I was able to snap a few photos.

Foot Prints

Foot Prints

Right now, I’d say there’s 2 inches on the ground. How is it in your area????? Where are you located?


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