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This past Sunday was pretty fun. After church I went out to Popeyes for some “finger lickin good” chicken! 🙂 My husband can never take serious pictures.

Went to the in-laws after but eventually landed at a friend’s house for a Superbowl party!!! It’s always nice getting together with friends. The majority of my friends have children, so it’s always interesting when hanging out. They are so beautiful. Can’t wait til I join the club of motherhood.

Aren’t they cuties??!!! And a Superbowl isn’t complete without snacks, pizza and wings!!

On another note, I finally got an external flash for my camera!!! It came in the mail yesterday! I’m sooo happy that little by little my equipment is coming together because of my sessions. I hope to continue on with the momentum!

Now off to respond to an email inquiring about my wedding services (ie. pricing etc.)

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