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The Creativity Project | “Fur Babies”

March is here and it’s time for a new theme at The Creativity Project blog circle. “Fur Babies.” Since I rent, I am not allowed to have any pets. So what does one do when you have an assignment to photograph fur babies and you don’t have any of your own?? You call up your closest friends and family and ask if you can photograph their pets. And that’s what I did. I spoke to my friend Margaret and asked if I could photograph her cats. This was a long time coming since I had intentions of practicing pet photography with her cats so I’m glad this theme came along.

Margaret has the most beautiful cats that I’ve ever seen. They each have their own amazing story. Although most did some hiding, one stuck out immediately. Her name is Sundae and like many females she loved the camera and the attention.




Here is Sundae’s story, written by her momma:

“My brother in law and his girlfriend found her as a stray a few days before Hurricane Sandy was supposed to hit. She would sit outside their house, looking in the kitchen window at their 2 cats, and she would try to jump into my brother in law’s car every time he opened the doors. They called us and asked if we would take her in just until the Hurricane passed. Of course we did. The plan was to take her in, have her scanned for a microchip in case she was someone’s lost pet, have her spayed if needed & then try to find her a home. She wasn’t microchipped or spayed, so we had her spayed right away. She also had fleas and parasites, so all evidence pointed to her being a stray. Nobody answered the ads we posted about her, which was good, because it was pretty much love at first sight between us all and we knew she was never leaving. As you learned today, she’s as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside!! I’m so happy she was the perfect model for you.”








Please head on over to Becky at Life with Kaishon to see her take on this month’s theme.

We also want to see your Fur Babies so please post to our Facebook page.

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