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The Creativity Project | “Loud”

Hello friends! It’s been awhile since I’ve contributed to the circle. I’ve been away having a baby. lol I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, who goes by the name of Judah, 11 weeks ago. It has been the most overwhelming, difficult, joyful, tiring, busiest, exhilirating experience of my life.

When this month’s theme came out the only thing that came to mind was the deafening noise that comes from my Judah. He can get loud faster than a cheetah catch his prey. It’s been hard to pulling out my big girl camera but I have taken photos through cell. I’ve captured one of his cry fests on my cell phone.

Luckily his crying fits are not as numerous as his beautiful smiles!

Make sure to continue around the circle to see Stephanie’s interpretation of “Loud.” Make sure to visit our Facebook page and submit your interpretations.

#baby #crying #loud #TheCreativityProject

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