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The Creativity Project | “Tradition”

This month’s creativity project theme is Tradition. Tradition is defined as “a continuing pattern of culture beliefs or practices.” Here are a few photos from my holiday traditions.

Every year I go Black Friday Shopping and get most of my shopping done then.

My husband and I put the tree up together while watching Christmas movies!

Here are just a few of my favorite movies to watch!

The reason for all the tradition this season.

And the most fun tradition that I celebrate is the upcoming Annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Party that I host!!! Pictures will soon come after the date, but here’s a photo of a sweater that I found while shopping for my sweater!

Last but not least, a tradition wouldn’t be complete if it wasn’t with my beloved!

Please follow the circle to Stephanie over at Creative Heart by Stephanie to see here post on traditions.

What are your traditions?????? We at The Creativity Project would love to see some photos of your interpretation of this month’s them. Please head on over to our Facebook Page and post your photos!!

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