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While you were sleeping…


While you were sleeping,

I took this picture you and began to think.

I thought about what you could possibly be dreaming about.

I thought of the first time we ever met.

I thought about how surreal it is that I’ve known you for 12 years.

I thought of all the awkward moments and stages of my life that you’ve been a witness of and still thought I was the most beautiful girl you’ve ever laid eyes on.

I thought about how much you have dealt with my shenanigans and issues.

I thought about how we are about to celebrate 7 years of marriage.

I thought about the many people who didn’t think we could make it.

I thought about how much I love you and how cute you look just sleeping beside me.


August 12th my husband and I celebrated 7 years of marriage and I feel so excited about what this year is going to bring. You are my best friend. Here’s to growing old with you!

#ADayintheLife #Beginning

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